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Architectural Projects 

Our Process



The camera angle has been set and selected for this phase. Throughout this review, the majority of the materials and textures will be showcased. Comments are requested to focus on specific details, geometry issues, textures, and any complementary elements that may require adjustments.


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In this initial stage, we will show you different camera angles in a volumetric model in light tones and without materials, in order to define the areas you want to highlight and confirm that the design is accurately modeled. We will present you with 2-3 viewing options for each requested angle.



In the final stage, we have all the updated elements seen in the three previous rounds of reviews, with post-production applied (background, tones, color adjustments), and rendered in quality, resolution, size, and final proportion according to your needs.

Materials, textures, and colors have been carefully chosen. During this phase, our focus will be on fine-tuning materials, colors, tone adjustments, as well as placing 3D elements in accordance with the scene (furniture, plants, 3D people, cars, etc.), and making any minor aesthetic and/or volumetric modifications as needed.



Approach Meeting

Let's have a conversation, whether it's over the phone, email or via video conference, to  talk about what you need and want to show in your visualizations. Let's kickstart this journey together.


The first stage of design involves delving into finding the basic areas and volumes that will give initial shape to your project.

Design Development

Once the schematic design is approved, we will begin to detail and refine the design; defining the construction system, materials, and interiors. We will also start consultations with builders and engineers for a pre-review

3D Renderings

We will create high-quality, realistic 3D images so that you can visualize your project before construction begins. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what the final result will look like in reality.

Construction Documents

With the design development stage approved, we will initiate the construction documents phase. Here, we will provide detailed drawings to the builder, outlining exactly how the building will be constructed. These documents are the result of the final architectural and engineering drawings.


Once the construction documents are approved, we will release the drawings for permit submission. 

When pitching to investors to fund your project, we will provide you with volumetric and conceptual plans to give them an overview. Additionally, we'll create striking images for your presentation to captivate your audience and showcase the vision of the project effectively

Real Estate Developement Pitch

Builder, Construction, Interior Design, and more...

Construction Phase

Design Process

What do we need to Start ?


Let's have a conversation, whether it's over the phone, email or via video conference, to  talk about it. Let's kickstart this journey together.

tell us about your project 

Feel free to share any information you're comfortable with to help us better understand the scope of your project. Your input will significantly enhance our understanding. Please visit our privacy notice. We understand the value of your information and we take great care to protect it.


Using the details provided us, we will craft a comprehensive proposal for your review and approval. Payment details will be included.

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